Our Story

Our top priority is providing the best product quality and customer service for the best price. Crystallized Luxe LLC is a 3rd generation family-owned business that for many years has been a main Asfour crystal parts and crystal chandelier suppliers to local chandelier stores from designers to domestic and international chandelier manufacturers. We provide the greatest wholesale selection of crystal chandelier parts for any chandelier project, design or even custom made chandeliers. Crystallized Luxe is an extension of “Marhaba Crystal” the number 1 chandelier store and distributor for Asfour Crystal in the middle east and most of Europe countries since 1993. As an extension and through hard work and dedication Crystallized Luxe today has its warehouse located in Houston, TX U.S.A and it is one of the youngest, fastest-growing chandelier crystal and crystal parts seller and supplier.  Our reputation is well established and known that we only carry and sell the finest quality of transparent and colorful Asfour Crystal parts of all shapes and sizes. All our crystal is 100% glass all containing 30% full lead PBO that burst out the amazing endless sparkle. At crystallized Luxe we offer an extensive selection of crystal parts and chandeliers. We sell everything your chandelier may require, we sell octagons, beads, crystal balls, drops, pear shapes, pendlugues of all shapes and sizes including chandelier arms and bobech and many more of Asfour crystal products.


Unlike Chinese crystal Asfour crystal produce one of the highest quality chandelier crystal parts that last a life time guaranteed. 50 years has passed and up till today Asfour Crystal is still number 1 global crystal manufacture. Asfour Crystal holds the true treasures of the trade within the walls of its factory. Asfour’s highly skilled workers and artists use the most sophisticated tools and techniques in the field to create the world’s brightest, purest crystals for countless applications and uses.


Asfour Crystal is the world’s most prominent manufacturer and exporter of the highest-quality crystal across the globe. Every single crystal part made by Asfour Crystal is a piece of art that will stand the test of time and be passed on for many generations to come. The luminosity provided by Asfour Crystal parts radiates its vicinity with a spectrum of colours that can only be outranked by a true diamond of the finest cut.


Crystal is best known around the world for its use in lighting fixtures and chandeliers. This is an art and a tradition that has lightened lives for centuries, and that has long ago been mastered by Asfour Crystal. A crystal lighting piece adds instant luxury to any space; big or small, residential or commercial. It enriches the settings in which it is placed and gives it a sense of splendour and grandeur. Asfour Crystal brings forth some of the world’s most recognizable chandeliers, as well as a wide collection of lighting pieces that are difficult to find elsewhere.