How to Select the Size of Rectangular Chandelier for Dining Table

Dining table chandelier is something that will redefine the way you host dinner parties. This simple yet elegant piece of architectural design element ensures that your guests are mesmerized before they even begin enjoying delicacies. No wonder buying one in rectangular shape for dining table can get confusing.

Besides the design and the material, the most important factor is to select the size of rectangular chandelier for dining table. Well, let’s find out!

Our 5 step guide to finding the perfect size of rectangular chandelier for dining table

  1. Determine dining room’s dimensions– Carefully measure the width, length and height of the dining room. If you add the length and width of the room (in feet), the resulting number will give you the diameter of the chandelier that will suit the room most.
  • Height of room takes precedence– Remember that height of ceiling will determine the length of the chandelier. Generally, every feet of ceiling height can add 2-3 inches in length of chandelier. For example, a 12 feet high ceiling can easily accommodate 24-34 inch chandelier. This calculation can also be applied to any other room in terms of ceiling height.
  • Match with width of the rectangular table– A rectangular table must be placed in the room so as to accentuate its width more. This way, when you choose the chandelier, it will look symmetrical. Generally, the diameter of the chandelier is kept half of the table width. If an area rug is added to the table, its width, too, must be taken into consideration.
  • Multiple chandeliers– In case you are installing multiple chandeliers, the diameter of the chandelier must be table diameter divided by number of chandeliers to be hanged plus 1. For instance, a table with 48 inches width must be paired with two independent chandeliers each 16 inches apart from the table center.
  • Perfect number for rectangular table– If you want to avoid complex calculations, simply follow the proportional rule. Chandelier must be equally proportional to the rectangular table’s width. For example, if a table is 56 inches in width and 70 inches in length, the diameter comes around 28 inches. Now, subtract this number from the table’s length i.e. 70. The resultant number, in this case 42, will represent the chandelier’s length. So, the best rectangular chandelier length would be 42 inches long and 28 inches wide.

More Vital Chandelier Design Guidelines

In case there’s an adjoining stairwell, its perceived height can impact the chandelier design as well. In case of a two stories high stairwell, the chandelier must be hanged approximately 30 inches from the table. Its height from the floor must be around 7 feet so as to give adequate headroom to guests.

Whether it’s a formal setting or a casual dining area, chandeliers can add a touch of class. Hope this above guide helps you find the perfect size of rectangular chandelier for dining table.