What Shape Chandelier for a Rectangular Table – A Buyer’s Guide

What is the right shape chandelier for a rectangular table? Does the size or shape actually matter? Matching the perfect chandelier with the table, dining or center table is crucial to achieve a good design sense.

Today, we will be discussing the various shapes and sizes of light fixtures that will perfectly compliment your room’s table. Besides these, we will also be discussing the styles, materials and types of chandeliers to help inspire your choice.

Top Tips to select shape of chandelier for a rectangular table

  • Chandeliers are your home’s jewelry– When it comes to the style quotient, consider chandeliers to be the jewelry of your home. They determine your home’s personality especially in living room and dining room. Mixing the right style or contrasting is crucial. For example, you can contrast a French country home with a modernist glass sleek chandelier to accentuate the architectural elements.
  • Traditional shape– In traditional shape, there’s a singular level of lighting and ornate details adorn the rest of the surface. For rectangular tables, they add an understated charm and elegance thereby increasing the rustic charm of a wooden table. Filigree and scrolling further enhance the looks.
  • Tiered– Here, lighting is stacked on multiple levels. There can be numerous levels depending upon the size of the table underneath. In fact, the grandeur increases with the number of levels since intricacy moves up. They provide a powerful focal point to any room that’s hard to match by other designs.
  • Crystal chandelier– These are the most stylish, elaborate and luxurious of all. They have multiple lighting patterns in glass/rock crystals. Rainbow light patterns can emerge from various materials thereby adding a glamorous touch to your room. A glass rectangular table is best paired with such style since they can come together to add drama to any formal setup whether living, dining or bedroom. Even understated rooms are lit perfectly using a crystal chandelier.
  • Drum Shape– This simplest of shapes bestows an elegant design to the room. The light fills the drum which further adds luminance to the room. Drum can be made of glass, fabric or even plastic. Metallic drum chandeliers add an understated and rustic charm. This shape is used to create a focal point in the room and is suited for offices as well.
  • Empire– This classic shape is ideal for large rectangular tables in formal settings. The graceful design usually comes in multiple tiers. The lower part is bell shaped while the upper part is cone shape. Generally, crystal chandeliers are manufactured in this style and it adds volume to the room.

With these tips, there’s no point in being confused about what shape chandelier for a rectangular table. You can go for even more styles such as glass, beaded, bowl, caged and more. Remember, the size of the table and the room must also be kept in mind while selecting chandeliers.